Pourquoi Louvé Paris ?

Why Louve Paris?

Why I decided to create Louvé Paris...

Why Louve Paris? In Louvé, I hear LOVE, I read LOUVE. These two words refer to the mother/child relationship and to love. Paris for the place of manufacture. Because all of our clothes are made in Paris, by hand, in a family workshop. 

Louvé Paris was born from the desire to recreate meaning, tell a strong story and bring all women together around the values of transmission and heritage. 

Throughout her life, a young girl immerses herself in her elders: mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend... we all have something that marked us in a woman at some point in our lives and who participated in making who we are today. A perfume, a jewel, values, an attitude, a conviction... and often, an inherited piece of clothing or accessory. 

Why are we so attached to the value of transmission? 

Because the objects and values passed on from one generation to another nurture ties, express love and perpetuate a family history.

This is why we have chosen to entrust our production to a French family workshop. To perpetuate the tradition, the local know-how.

But how to offer quality clothing at the right price? Quite simply by waiving all intermediary costs. At Louvé we produce in small quantities. No logistics, no warehouse... and above all: no waste! 

Louvé Paris sweeps away the notion of seasonality by offering a permanent collection made up of pieces designed to last over time. Women's wardrobe essentials, timeless prints and exceptional materials.

Pieces that we love with an infinite love and that we rediscover every year with joy, for a special event... or for fun. Only, or to of them

Ceremonies, holidays, everyday life: LOUVÉ PARIS is a wardrobe ready for all eventualities.

You are at home here.

To you sisters of blood, souls and heart! Join us 🖤